The latest technology in the service of our dental clinic

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The latest technology in the service of our dental clinic

Jedna z dvaceti ordinací stomatologieIndividual offices are equipped by a dental sets of German production KaVo – for your comfort the kits containing separate operation from nurses and doctors side, so the positioning of the patient is completely perfect, including software for easy access for the patient on and down of the chair sets. The brand KaVo is also the instrumentation of the dentist – that is equipment which the physician directly treats the patient. All instrumentation is in light design and has its own cooling, which helps create the ideal conditions for the dentist treatment. This high-end equipment is complemented by two carbonless motors of the highest category – speed stability along with very precise speed control, supplemented noiseless engine operation, ensure optimum use of all the dentist’s tools.

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CEREC = Your beautiful teeth

CERECNew beautiful teeth with CEREC, the latest technology of ceramic restorations. Using the latest in dental technology CEREC we will offer fabrication of ceramic inlays, facets, crowns and smaller bridges. Gone with classic printing and makeshift substitutes! The main advantage of this method is a complete treatment in a single visit to the doctor’s office! Moreover, the high precision of prosthetics guarantees a very long life without complications.Gone with classic printing and makeshift substitutes! he advantage of ceramic restorations CEREC is the high resistance of the material, no shrinkage, perfect aesthetics, excellent anatomical prosthetics processing and short time of its construction.

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Dental X-ray 3D

3D rentgen v DENT MEDICOWe work with new 3D X-ray, high-end device ensuring reliable performance surpassing European quality standards! Gendex GXDP-700, it is a 3D X-ray for an even better service to our dentistry! Continuous development of imaging technologies in dentistry has great significance. Thanks to the three-dimensional display physicians have the possibility to develop anatomically accurate treatment plans, successfully alter surgical procedures and generally improve patient care. Pictures are valuable for diagnosis and treatment planning of caries, endodontics, orthodontics, implants, and other surgical procedures and patient education.

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EyeMag Smart loupes

Lupové brýle In Dentmedico we use EyeMag Smart loupes by Carl Zeiss. These loupes allow easy recognition of the structures, providing a views enlargement 2.5x and thereby help to raise the quality of medical intervention. Thus, the dentists provide high quality image in bright and faithful colors, expressive depth of field and a large viewing angle. Individually according to the needs the physician may adjust the ergonomically correct and comfortable position of medical loupes, but thanks to the folding function he always has the option to switch to a free vision and thus easily communicate with the patient.

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Dental microscope Zeiss

MikroskopFor treatment, we use Microscope OPMI Pico by Zeiss. We constantly increase the level of dental care, which we offer. The microscope allows us to further improve diagnosis and thus treatment of the patient. Furthermore, the cost of treatment in our microscope does not exceed the cost of this service at the public clinic. OPMI pico is a compact microscope with simple control and high performance. Besides the ergonomic design includes many features that enhance the diagnosis and treatment of the patient’s teeth.

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Kavo HealOzone – painless removal of decay without drilling

KaVo HealOzoneFor removal of caries without drilling operations we provide a unique device KaVo HealOzone. This device allows, together with laser decay locator KaVo DIAGNOdent, painless removal of tooth decay without drilling. The device KaVo HealOzone can generate ozone from the air and deliver it to the site of damage in a hermetically sealed circuit, to prevent his escape, and then later after use safely neutralize. Ozone is able to destroy within 20 seconds 99% of the bacteria.

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