Dental microscope Zeiss

It allows us to further improve a diagnosis and thus a treatment of the patient

your smile will say it all

Stomatologický mikroskop Zeiss OPMI PicoWe constantly increase the level of dental care, which we offer. The microscope allows us to further improve diagnosis and thus treatment of the patient. Furthermore, the cost of treatment in our microscope does not exceed the cost of this service at the public clinic.

OPMI pico is a compact microscope with simple control and high performance. Besides the ergonomic design includes many features that enhance the diagnosis and treatment of the patient’s teeth. Built-in video camera displays by using a single button the necessary documentation for the smooth communication between the patient and the physician during the performance. Investigative OPMI pico microscope incorporates a superior optics along with a compact design.

Keep a high demand for intervention and treatment. Dentists in dentistry DENT MEDICO will be happy to make this wish comes true. With the new integrated video camera in the OPMI Pico can also the patients be in the picture. The treated areas can be simply watched, the on the screen the intervention is transparent then and thus more understandable for patients.

OPMI pico microscope was developed for current medical practice and meets the needs of patients.


Stomatologický mikroskop Zeiss OPMI Pico Stomatologický mikroskop Zeiss OPMI Pico Stomatologický mikroskop Zeiss OPMI Pico