KaVo HealOzone

Painless decay removal without drilling

smile will say it for you

KaVo HealOzoneFor removal of caries without drilling operations we provide a unique device KaVo HealOzone. This device allows, together with laser decay locator KaVo DIAGNOdent, painless removal of tooth decay without drilling. The device KaVo HealOzone can generate ozone from the air and deliver it to the site of damage in a hermetically sealed circuit, to prevent his escape, and then later after use safely neutralize. Ozone is able to destroy within 20 seconds 99% of the bacteria. It is a bacterium whose products of metabolism participate in the formation of lactic acid that causes tooth decay. Application of ozone penetrates to a depth of 3 mm, and in addition to these effects also promotes remineralization of the tooth. It affects the diseased soft tissue and for the treatment of this device an injection or other local anesthesia of the treated area is not needed. This treatment has no side effects.