the most advanced equipment for superior dental care

your smile will say it all

Individual offices are equipped by a dental sets of German production KaVo – for your comfort the kits containing separate operation from nurses and doctors side, so the positioning of the patient is completely perfect, including software for easy access for the patient on and down of the chair sets. The brand KaVo is also the instrumentation of the dentist – that is equipment which the physician directly treats the patient. All instrumentation is in light design and has its own cooling, which helps create the ideal conditions for the dentist treatment. This high-end equipment is complemented by two carbonless motors of the highest category – speed stability along with very precise speed control, supplemented noiseless engine operation, ensure optimum use of all the dentist’s tools.

The latest technology in the service of our dental clinic

Jedna z dvaceti ordinací stomatologieThe kits are supplemented by the LCD monitor, where you can watch your medical record, briefing physician, view digital intraoral and panoramic images, or on-line shots of intraoral camera which directly in the patient’s mouth scans the current situation – you can see images before the treatment and compare with shots after dental surgery. In order to view images on the LCD screen, is each clinic equipped with a digital intraoral X-ray complemented by radiovisiography that provides high resolution of each radiograph. With these latest technologies, the dose of X-rays compared to conventional X-ray is completely minimized. All of this technology, of course, require computer processing and therefore all other data, including medical records, are in digital form, allowing, if necessary, rapid exchange of information with other dental medical facilities which is equipped on sufficiently high technical level.

For advanced solution of prosthetic work we use the implants implantology set KaVo IntraSurg – this set features a unique engine KaVo, which is the first implantology engine in the world equipped with a light guide.

Health, safety and environmental friendliness

Because we strive to be as thrifty and environmentally, the dental clinic DENT MEDICO is equipped with a powerful central vacuum unit, which is connected to a powerful amalgam separator Dürr with guaranteed effectiveness of 98,00%. From this manufacturer, we have also provided a powerful compressor that supplies sufficient quantity of effectively filtered air to all dental units.