Internal regulations

Valid from 1st December 2018

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Dear clients,

we are pleased that you have chosen a private medical facility of CARE MEDICO s.r.o. for your treatment. Thank you for your trust. We have been providing medical care since 2003 and our goal is to offer high-level medical services in an above-standard environment as well as using the most modern methods, equipment and knowledge of the latest scientific progress.

The goal of each of our highly qualified doctors, paramedics and other staff is to provide sensitive, professional and painless care with respect to all your biological, psychological and social needs. The basis of the success of any treatment or procedure is patients’ cooperation – a positive attitude and trust in their attending physician. It is therefore important that you observe the rules set out in these internal regulations of CARE MEDICO ltd.

Basic rights of the client

Every client of CARE MEDICO ltd has the right to be treated with dignity and consideration and respect for privacy in any of our facilities. Clients under the age of 15 may only be treated in the presence and with the consent of their legal representative or in the presence of a person authorized by the legal representatives in writing. Minors over the age of 15 may be treated without the presence of their legal representative with a written consent of a legal representative. The consent must be entered in the standardized form of the company, which is available at the reception of any medical facility of CARE MEDICO ltd or can be downloaded from the website

Each client can choose their attending physician or laboratory assistant, if they accept new clients and are professionally qualified for the given procedure or treatment with regard to their specialization.

Every client has the right to be fully informed about their health condition and the course of treatment/health care.

In the event of a worsening epidemiological situation, certain rights of patients and their legal representatives may be restricted for safety reasons only to the extent necessary to ensure and protect the health of staff and other patients (e.g. restrictions on movement, use of all facilities, restrictions on access, etc.).

Admission of a new client to care

A new client can visit any facility of CARE MEDICO ltd after making an appointment, which can be done through the reception or the following communication channels:

  • by phone at 225 990 990 (dentistry), 225 990 999 (gynecology) or 225 990 995 (orthodontics)
  • by e-mail to
  • by filling out the order form on the website
  • by sending a message via the social network Facebook and Instagram

The new client must state the reason for requesting treatment, whether his problem is acute (painful), the name and surname of the doctor – if he is asking for a specific person – and the time when he wants to be treated. If the client has an idea of ​​which facility he wants to be treated in, he needs to state this at the beginning. In order to make an appointment it is necessary to state the patient’s email address and telephone number.

In order for a new client to be admitted to healthcare, they must first complete the initial “Anamnestic Questionnaire” truthfully and completely. The anamnestic questionnaire is available for completion at the reception in electronic form on a tablet. Any misrepresentation of the data in the anamnestic questionnaire may result in an inappropriately chosen treatment program with all the consequences.

During the initial registration, the new client is obliged to prove himself/herself with a health insurance card, and another identification document (ID card, driver’s license, passport). The client is obliged to show his/her health insurance card upon arrival at the reception at each subsequent visit. At the same time, the client is obliged to actively communicate all changes that have occurred since the last visit/treatment. In particular, changes to the contact telephone number, email address, residence address, change in health status or change in the health insurance company.

Opening hours

Office hours of our facilities vary. The current opening hours are available on the front door and also on the websites of the individual specializations. Any changes in office hours only occur for serious operational reasons and are always announced on the websites of individual specializations and on the profiles of individual specializations on the social network Facebook.

Waiting for treatment / examination

A client booked for a specific day and hour will arrive at the reception at least 5 minutes before this time and report their name. 2-3 days before the treatment, we send a reminder to each patient in the form of an SMS message, which provides enough time for a possible rescheduling due to illness or a change in work plans. In each facility, the patient can use the parking spaces, but only for the duration of the treatment. Then he waits at the reception/waiting room for the arrival of a nurse or laboratory technician, who takes him to the surgery or laboratory. At the reception, they can put their outerwear in the designated places. While waiting, patients are advised to use the time to get acquainted with the price list of medical services, they can also read the daily press available at each reception, or drink some water. In each facility there is a toilet, or changing table and a children’s corner for pediatric patients. All these services are available to clients free of charge.

We strongly recommend that the client never store valuables, money, credit cards and personal documents at the reception or in other areas of the medical facility and always have them with him.

In exceptional cases, the client’s treatment may be canceled or postponed, namely in the following cases:


  •  the doctor must perform an unplanned acute procedure on another client, where the postponement of such a procedure could damage the patient’s health or life
  • the treatment of the previous client was prolonged unplanned
  • the doctor is incapacitated for work due to illness
  • in case of serious technical obstacles – especially failure of technologies (X-ray, IT…), interruption of water or electricity supply


On the premises of CARE MEDICO ltd it is strictly forbidden to make audiovisual recordings or take photographs. In case of violation, the Police of the Czech Republic will be called.

Provision of health services

The medical facility provides full-time health services, including acute care, only to registered clients. Unregistered patients will be provided with acute health care only in the case of free capacities not occupied by registered clients. The provided health care is divided into standard care, paid from the health insurance system ,and above-standard, where the financial participation of the patient is necessary.

A complete price list of standard and above-standard procedures is available at each reception of all our facilities. The patient is acquainted with the payment before each medical procedure directly from the attending physician in the surgery. The selection from the price list is published on the websites of individual medical specializations.

If the clients is insured with a health insurance company with which CARE MEDICO ltd does not have a contract, they are obliged to pay by direct payment for the services usually covered by insurance. The list of all health insurance companies with which our facility has a contract on reimbursement for the provision of health care is available on the websites of individual specializations and in the price list of services, which is available at the reception of any facility of CARE MEDICO ltd.

The client is allowed to undergo an outpatient examination accompanied by a person or persons selected by him, the prevention of entry into the surgery may be due to capacity reasons (larger number of people) or due to inappropriate behavior of the accompanying person (e.g. interference with examinations and medical procedures by noise, etc.). The attending physician may decide to limit the access of the escort to surgery, taking into account the nature of the procedure and the safety od the patient.

Clients without legal capacity have the right to the continuous presence of a legal representative or a person designated by the legal representative, provided that their presence does not interfere with the provision of health services.

A client with a sensory or physical disability who uses a dog with special training is allowed to stay if he does not violate the rights of other clients.

A client who is unable to communicate with the physician for physical, mental, cultural, religious or other reasons must be accompanied by a person who is able or willing to conduct the communication between the patient and the staff.

Before each procedure, the steps of the treatment, its estimated price is explained to the patient by the attending physician, and the client then always signs the informed consent in the surgery. The informed consent is then filed in the patient’s medical records.

In all medical facilities of CARE MEDICO ltd there is a strict ban on smoking, alcohol consumption and the use of narcotics and psychotropic substances. The ban also applies to all types of electronic cigarettes and similar devices used to inhale tobacco or tobacco substitutes.

Refusal to provide health services

All CARE MEDICO s.r.o., in accordance with Act No. 372/2011 Coll. (Act on Health Services and Conditions for their Provision), reserve the right to refuse to provide health care, especially in the following cases:

One-time refusal to provide health services:


  • the client arrives late for the appointment made for an examination/procedure. For operational reasons, even a small delay can mean a significant operational complication
  • the client is a carrier of a serious infectious disease, respiratory disease
  • the client is clearly under the influence of alcohol, psychotropic or other addictive substances
  • the client did not follow the doctor’s instructions before treatment (e.g. taking medication, food, etc.)
  • the client behaves vulgarly or aggressively towards staff or other patients
  • the client does not follow the basic principles of hygiene, his clothes are dirty
  • the client does not observe or respect the emergency hygiene measures during the pandemic


Permanent refusal to provide health services:


  • the client failed to attend the examination/procedure date 2 or more times
  • the client excused himself twice or more from the examination / procedure less than 48 hours before the appointment
  • the client refuses to cooperate with the doctor, does not follow the prescribed treatment procedures


Refusal to provide healthcare will be communicated to the client either by the attending physician or by the facility staff, either by telephone or e-mail. At the same time, this fact will be stated in his health card, including the specific reason.

The right to information

You can get information about your condition and the necessary treatment procedures from the doctor, and the doctor will acquaint you with the regimen measures in cooperation with the nurse. You are entitled to the provision of complete, comprehensible and exhaustive information; for the protection of personal data, it will be provided only to you and only to those persons that you state in writing in the informed consent to the provision of health care.

Information about your health cannot be provided by telephone. We only communicate organizational information by phone (possibility to start treatment, date of check-up, date of an appointment for health services).

You have the right to request a consultation service from another health care provider.

Medical documentation

The client’s health chart is kept by the doctor in digital or paper form. Only the client, his legal or authorized representatives and persons specified by generally binding regulations may inspect and make extracts and copies from it. If the client re-registers with another doctor, the existing registering doctor will send an extract from the medical records to the new registering doctor at his request or at the client’s request – but only through the client, to the client’s address or in person. An extract from the medical documentation will be made by the attending physician only at the request of the client, it is not an automatic service. The statement contains all the data needed to provide additional health care to the patient. Likewise, the client can receive his RVG images on a data carrier. Acquisition of a statement and a copy of RVG images is charged according to the price list of services of CARE MEDICO ltd.

Prescribing medication

Prescriptions for medication are always prescribed to the client and only by his attending physician. If the treatment procedure allows it and it is a procedure that is ‘lege artis’,  it is possible to send the client the so-called eRecept by e-mail or SMS. The prescription can only be sent to the contacts (e-mail, telephone) that are listed on the client’s card. It is only possible to send an electronic prescription at the direct and clear request of the client.

Complaints, grievances, suggestions and comments

Every client has the right to a complaint or a consultation of the treatment procedure. If it is a technical complaint (for example, prosthetic work of dentistry), the client always turns to his attending physician with his complaint, through the reception. The procedure for handling complaints is governed by Act No. 372/2011 Coll., On health services.

If the client has a suggestion, comment or complaint that does not relate to a treatment complaint, but for example the doctor’s approach, sensitivity, empathy, organizational matters, etc., he has the right to contact the Defender of Patients’ Rights at any time by e-mail . The Defender of Clients’ Rights investigates the whole case, submits its conclusion to the director and always informs the complaining party about the result within 30 calendar days at the latest.

The complaint about the provider (medical facility) concerning the provision of health services or activities related to health services may be registered by:

  • client
  • the client’s legal representative
  • a close person if the patient is unable to do so due to his or her state of health or if he /she has died, or a person authorized by the patient

Data on complaints are protected in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll. as amended and in accordance with Regulation No. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of the EU (GDPR) in the company’s information systems. A complaint is considered settled if measures have been taken to eliminate the identified defects and the complaining party has been notified and agrees to the solution.

Complaints must show:

  • name and surname of the complaining party, their contact address, e-mail, telephone
  • name, surname and address of the client, if the client is different from the complaining party (in which case the complaint must be accompanied by the client’s power of attorney to settle the complaint by the complaining party)
  • the subject of the complaint (specific and detailed description of the essential facts which are the subject of the complaint)
  • date and signature of the complaining party


If the person who lodged the complaint (hereinafter referred to as the “complainant”) does not agree with the settlement, he may submit the complaint to the competent administrative body which granted the provider authorization to provide health services. In the case of CARE MEDICO ldt it is the City of Prague, Department of Administrative Activities in Health Care and Social Care. At the same time, the complainant shall state the reasons for disagreement with the settlement of the complaint.

Protection of personal and sensitive data

The company CARE MEDICO ltd processes personal and sensitive information due to its activities as a health service provider. We approach the protection of this data with the utmost care and in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll. as amended and in accordance with Regulation No. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of the EU (GDPR) – European regulations on the handling of personal data.

Only employees who need these data for the performance of their profession – such as the attending physician – have access to personal and sensitive data. All manipulation with the data is regulated by an internal directive and monitored by means of IT mechanisms (so-called access logging). Personal and sensitive data in paper form are secured in a mechanical and electronic way, data in electronic form are protected by electronic means of hardware and software, including the necessary encryption.

The company regularly undergoes audits related to data protection, staff training and technology testing so that all information is safe and handled in accordance with Czech and European legislation.

The company has a Data Protection Officer who monitors the maximum level of security. Each patient can contact the commissioner with a question about the handling of his personal and sensitive data at the e-mail address