Our guarantees

úsměv to řekne za Vás

Dear customers,
We strive to provide the best care that we imagine even for ourselves, we’re constantly looking for other possible procedures and treatments that would meet this.

Standard, which holds, guarantee and proclaim Czech health insurance companies, according to our knowledge and experience are very weak, so we try to apply such procedures and treatments that are on the level of current knowledge of dentistry and which may in the long run succeed and guarantee you the longest health of your teeth and comfort of their functions, as much as possible in the given circumstances.

But it’s not just the treatment itself or using other materials, but the cooperation between doctor and patient, whose care of his teeth plays a very important role. Dental care is not as easy as it seems and no one will learn this skill alone. Neither physician didn’t.

In the world for several decades very successfully holds this care the dental hygienist who are gaining more and more prestige even in our country.  They explain to each patient, in which the condition is his teeth and gums, and help him practice an individual care of his teeth.

One of the assessment is called PBI index, which reliably proves by a numerical value how big is the inflammation around the teeth. We cooperate with the dental hygienist very closely, and we can pass the information to each other. For successful treatment, which has stable results, it is necessary to fulfill the conditions of long-term oral hygiene to a PBI value less than 20. The actual value will give you a dental hygienist after an examination and will explain everything you need to do to achieve PBI 20 or less and retain that value in a long term.

We provide standard 6 months warranty on the fillings.

Extended warranty for 18 months on the fillings are provided only on the basis of long-term monitoring and recording of the PBI index in the patient card, during the entire 18-month period at a stable PBI below 20, which will be determined by repeated measurements and writing made at least 4 times per year.

Warranty on prosthetic products is provide for 24 months. The guarantee applies only to the product’s itself and does not apply in the case of an extension of treatment, diagnosis change, failure of the pillars and other indications aiming to the status changes of the patient’s mouth from the initial state in which the prosthetic product is delivered.

Implants are only for patients meeting the above parameters PBI index for successful treatment with stable results. For detailed information please contact your doctor during the initial consultation of implantation.

In the absence of adequate hygiene index, we can not guarantee the durability of the treatment, while treatment can be carried out only as a palliative (ie. Temporarily eliminating pain or other problem).

You can visit the hygienist at our clinic according to your needs, or according to her or doctor’s advice, but at least twice a year. You’ll be surprised by feeling the change of healthy teeth and gums in his mouth and a good-looking smile – together we keep your teeth healthy …

MD. Velková Lina, head physician