Our guarantees

your smile will say it all

Our priority is to provide you, our clients, with the high quality, specialized, comprehensive dental care that we dentists would envision for ourselves. At the same time, we want to make you as comfortable as possible during all treatments and procedures. That’s why, even after years of practice, we are constantly educating ourselves and looking for more possible treatments and methods.

The standard held, guaranteed and proclaimed by Czech health insurance companies is, according to our knowledge and experience, very insufficient. Therefore, we try to apply procedures and treatments that are at the level of today’s dental knowledge and that can stand up in the long run and guarantee you the longest possible health of your teeth and preservation of their functions, as much as possible under the given conditions.

Client cooperation in dental hygiene is key

However, quality dental care does not only consist in choosing the best procedures and using modern technologies and materials, but also in the cooperation between the doctor and the client. Quality dental care at home is an essential ingredient in the recipe for long-term healthy and functional teeth. But caring for teeth is not as easy as it seems, and no one can learn this skill alone. Neither does a doctor.

For decades, dental hygienists, or dental hygienists, have been providing this care very successfully around the world, explaining to each client the condition of their teeth and gums and helping them practice individual dental care. One assessment is the so-called PBI index, which provides a reliable numerical value to show how much inflammation is present around the teeth. At the DENT MEDICO clinic, we work very closely with the dental hygienists and pass on information to each other. For a successful treatment that has stable results, it is necessary to meet oral hygiene conditions that have a PBI value of less than 10 over a long period of time. The dental hygienist will tell you the actual value after the examination and explain everything you need to achieve a PBI of 10 or less and maintain this value in the long term.

Benefits of quality dental hygiene

Maintaining a PBI index below 10 is a condition for obtaining the full range of our extended warranties. Our standard warranty on fillers is 6 months. Based on long-term monitoring and recording of the PBI index in the patient’s chart over an 18-month period with a stable PBI below 10, we provide an 18-month warranty on fillings. PBI measurements must be repeated at least twice times a year.

We guarantee the prosthetic products for 24 months. The warranty applies only to the product itself and does not apply in the event of an extension of treatment, change of diagnosis, pillar failure and other indications that change the patient’s oral condition from the initial condition in which the prosthetic product was delivered.

We only place implants in patients meeting the above PBI index parameters for successful treatment with stable results. Detailed information will be given by the doctor during the initial implant consultation.

We cannot guarantee the durability of the treatment if the dental hygiene indexes are not sufficient, and we can also only provide treatment as palliative (i.e. temporarily removing pain or other problems).

You may see a hygienist at our clinic as your needs or as directed by your need for care or doctor’s recommendation, but at least twice a year. You’ll be amazed at the change in the feeling of healthy teeth and gums in your mouth, and a good-looking smile – together we keep your teeth healthy.

For the DENT MEDICO team,
MUDr. Lina Velková
expert guarantor