Importance of dental hygiene for the maintenance of teeth

your smile will say it all

Healthy teeth mean for us not only a beautiful smile, but also are associated with the health of our entire body. Most of the population of people would like to have healthy teeth throughout life. However, what it means for us? Is it even possible? And can this dream become a reality for us?

Dental hygiene is a field that will help you fulfill your dream to do for your teeth the maximum, it can save you time and often also money. What is important is the timely and mutual cooperation with the patient and his regular visits.

Dental hygienist can change a patient’s access to oral health with an early motivation, mentoring, choosing the right tools and professional removal of plaque and tartar.

During the initial examination the dental hygienist finds your level of dental hygiene and in the presence of weaknesses explains to you the essence of the problem, then treatment options. The goal is the interplay of policies and measures that lead to healing. The task of the dental hygienist is to select the appropriate tools which enable proper dental care. Furthermore, they teach you how to care and clean interdental spaces, because 70% of decay occurs there. Another important ingredient is the ignorance of the population about the proper use of fluoride pastes, mouthwashes and other tools that are important to adjust individually.

What are the most common problems of our patients?

  • buildup of plaque
  • tartar
  • bleeding gums
  • halitosis
  • periodontitis

These diseases are not inherited as a lot of us think, it is only up to us how we influence our oral cavity and its problems.