Proper home dental care

your smile will say it all

To maintain our oral cavity in a healthy condition, it is imperative to use proper and adequate tools that a dental hygienist will recomment and select and teach you how to work with them.

Among the useful tools that should not be missing in any household belongs:

1. Classical toothbrush

Toothbrushes are one of the most important tools for removing plaque and food leftovers from the teeth. Important is the use of a brush with short working head straight trimmed thick rounded fibers. A correct brush is adapted to not hurt a soft and hard tissues in the mouth.

2. Interdental toothbrushes

An interdental cleaning is an integral part in the care of teeth and even milk teeth. Here a help of the parents because children can’t handle this type of cleaning. This is a very efficient removal of dental plaque bacteria and food leftovers from interdental parts. Today the interdental brushes belongs to one of the basic hygienic facilities, which every patient should use regularly and should be able to handle it. Their use is very easy, but the training and proper handling should be always consulted with a dentist or a dental hygienist.

3. Toothpastes

Toothpaste is another important tool, but only complementary in dental care and a support of a medical substances. The composition mainly differs fluoride content, color, taste and other chemicals. The most important feature of a paste is its cleaning function and removing dental plaque from the tooth surface by using a brush. The smooth surface makes it difficult for the microorganisms and their metabolic products. In most cases we can only attach its deodorizing function for the teeth without any difficulty. In cases of increased tooth sensitivity, caries, excessive bleeding or periodontitis are a correctly chosen toothpaste an important part of dental appliances for daily use.

4. Mouthwashes

A large majority of the population considers mouthwash as an essential component in taking care of their oral health, a fundamental and very important thing they do not realize is that the mouthwash is used only as a supplement to already cleaned teeth and does not remove a microbial coating in dental oral cavity. It does not substitute a conventional cleaning.