MDDr. Barbara Hrabovská

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Education, training, courses

Palacky University in Olomouc, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Dentistry

Prague Dental Days (set of lectures), Prague 2012
Training for choosing the shade of dental hard tissues according Vita 3D Master sampler, Berlin 2011
Addressing the risk situation under local anesthesia, training
New trends in endodontics, one-tool endodontics, technology in endodontics, endo treatment from A to Z, training
Materials for removable prosthetics, training

Surgery practice dentist training


Private dentist clinic Buštěhrad
Dentist dentistry DENT MEDICO


Family, sport and relax – fitness, sauna, hot springs, travel, books, good food, wine and coffee with friends.


MUDr. Barbara Hrabovská working in DENT MEDICO v Praze 8 – Karlín.


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