Price list

Selection from the price list valid from 1 January 2022

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We provide our clients with care beyond the care paid for by their health insurance company. Thanks to CARE MEDICO having contracts with all of the Czech Republic’s insurance companies, the entrance examination and yearly preventive examinations are free of charge for our clients. Health insurance also covers a complete X-ray examination, including a panoramic X-ray a contribution to prosthetic work and, last but not least, the administration of local anesthesia before the procedure itself.
In addition to medical procedures covered by health insurance, we provide a variety of above-standard services.


Initial examination

initial dental hygiene, including AirFlow
CZK 2,070
initial dental examination
paid for by czech insurance company
preventive examination once a year
paid for by czech insurance company
consultation 15 min
CZK 990
orthodontics consultation 15 min
from CZK 900
premium requested examination
CZK 1.080
parodontology consultation 
CZK 1.990

Dental hygiene and teeth whitening

dental hygiene consultation/control
CZK 550
dental hygiene, including AirFlow
from CZK 2,070
check up dental hygiene including AirFlow
from CZK 1,530
Deep Scaling
from CZK 3,205
teeth whitening PUREWHITENING CZK 10,150
inpatient teeth whitening
CZK 9,100
outpatient teeth whitening
from CZK 5,340


treatment of dental caries (white composite filling depending on the range)
from CZK 2,940
treatment of root canals (endodontics depending on the number of canals)
from CZK 8,900
treatment in analgesia with an anesthesiologist
from CZK 12,800
making of all-ceramic crown
from CZK 11,500
making a ceramic facet from
from CZK 8,278
implant placement from
from CZK 18,850


orthodontics consultation 15 min
CZK 900
repeated consultation 15 min
CZK 1,950
fixed metal wire braces (both jaws)
CZK 54,900
fixed ceramic braces (both jaws)
CZK 69,900
clear aligners
CZK 39,900 – 98,900
repair of a fixed retainer made at another workplace
CZK 3,800

Administrative fees

acqusition of medical records (*)
CZK 500
preparation of OPG image of the client from another non-contractual workplace
CZK 860
FlashDisk (*) CZK 250
time loss compensation for appointments cancelled at least 48 hours in advance
CZK 1,490

(*) price including WAT 21%

At our clinics, you can pay by credit card or in cash.

We also accept payment through gift or benefit vouchers Sodexo – Flexi Pass, Vital Pass, Gift Pass, electronic park Cafeteria, Chéque Déjenuer – UNIŠEK and gift voucher CADHOC, Gallery Beta – electronic system of Le Chéque Déjenuer, Benefit Plus, Benefity a.s. and the Edenkets Benefits voucher from Edenred.

Gift voucher, client and company cards

We offer prepaid Client Cards to our clients for purchase, which can also serve as gift vouchers for all services within our medical group CARE MEDICO (dentistry DENT MEDICO, gynecology GYN MEDICO, urology URO MEDICO). The card is valid for 3 years from the date of issue and can have any value. The cardholder may also designate other people they wish to allow to draw from the credit stored on the card.

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