Beautiful smile with a natural appearance during a single visit to a dental office?

your smile will say it all

CEREC - ceramic oral refunds

Revolution for ceramic oral refunds

Using advanced technology CEREC, we can offer our clients the fabrication of ceramic inlays, veneers, crowns and smaller bridges. Have you ever met an unpleasant experience of dental impression, ugly aesthetic aspect of the implants, and have you cover your hand over her mouth while smiling and waited for the new tooth for a few days? With using CEREC this all is a thing of the past. The main advantage of this method is that treatment can be provided during a single visit to the doctor's office without a classic impression and temporaries.


Benefits of Using CEREC

  • Complete treatment during a single visit to the doctor’s office
  • No unpleasant experience of using impression materials
  • The need for temporaries is over
  • Maximum accuracy of the refunds thanks to using a scanning device
  • Top quality of used ceramic materials
  • Extremely durable and resistant refunds
  • And of course, the perfect aesthetics

How does the treatment work?

  • The damaged tooth is treated by a dentist and adapted to the desired shape
  • Using a small 3D camera to take a picture of the tooth right in the mouth
  • By  using computers with 3D software is designed the optimal shape of the dentures
  • The new ceramic restoration can be individually polished and colored as needed
  • After testing the dentist glues the dentures in the place
3D příprava v DENT MEDICO

3D preparation in DENT MEDICO

3D příprava v DENT MEDICO

CEREC milling






CEREC ceramic restorations

they have properties almost identical to the natural tooth tissue, they are very durable and extremely long lifetime guarantee the perfect appearance of your teeth for years. Ceramic substitute or filler produced using CEREC is almost indistinguishable from your teeth. No reason anymore to hide your mouth when you smile.

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