You lost one or more teeth and then you want to laugh without having to cover your mouth? To once again have a full-featured set of teeth without a dentist grinding the pillar teeth for your new tooth?

úsměv to řekne za Vás

When talking about dental implants, then we mean artificial replace of the missing tooth root.

The dental implant is insert by the dentist – implantologist, with exceptions it is an ambulatory procedure performed in one day and the patient goes home equipped with antibiotics to prevent inflammation. Complete healing of the implant that allows a full load of the functional prosthesis usually lasts 12 weeks. During this period, it is possible to wear a temporary denture, which will allow patients a normal social contact and facilitate food intake.

About dental implants may think anyone who has lost one or more teeth, however, the final word has the expert, therefore implantologist.


The insertion of dental implants can be affected by the risk factors, such as poor oral hygiene, heavy smoking, blood clotting disorders, poor condition of the jaws or their inflammation, insufficient bone density, strong diabetes and other ailments. Today, however, even those patients with any of these risk factors have a chance to secure treatment with implants. Very important is the cooperation of the patient with the doctor. The patient should listen to the instructions of the doctor and follow them strictly, it means primarily the thorough oral hygiene. If you take a good care of the dental implant, it should hold out for the rest of your life.

Before surgery of the implantologist (attempt to preserve the original tooth was unsuccessful):

U tohoto zkaženého zubu byl pokus o zachování neúspěšný. Proto lékař přistoupil k zavedení zubního implantátu

For this rotten tooth was an attempt to preserve the failed. Therefore, the doctor went to the introduction of the dental implant

Rentgen zkaženého zubu s plombou

X-rays of the rotten tooth with a seal







Interphase – the insertion of the healing roller. Gum is prepared for inserting a dental implant:

Zavedení vhojovacího válečku do zubního implantátu

The introduction of the healing roller into the dental implant

Rentgenový snímek zavedeného vhojovacího válečku do zubního implantátu

X-rays image introduction of the healing roller into the dental implant







Dental implant after surgery:

Zubní implantát po zákroku

Dental implant after surgery

Rentgenový snímek zubního implantátu po zákroku

X-rays image of dental implant after surgery






Looking for a solution of complete loss of teeth and discomfort when wearing dentures? The answer is mini-implants!

Loss of teeth can be dealt with the full dentures, but how to anchor in the mouth best when the pillar teeth are missing? Solution is a mini-implants, which represent the above mentioned pillars for fixed connection of the prosthesis to the jaw. Mini-implant is simply smaller implant but it does not substitute the missing tooth root. Mini-implants are placed in toothless jaw under local anesthetic and your prosthesis holds incomparably better than before.

At the clinic DENT MEDICO we use implants and brands OSSTEM and NOBEL. On implantology specializes MD. Martin Voldřich.