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Have you lost one or more teeth and do you want to laugh again without having to cover your mouth? Do you want to have full teeth again without the dentist having to grind pillar teeth for a new tooth? This is possible thanks to implants that replace the missing tooth root. At the DENT MEDICO clinic, top specialists are dedicated to implantology, and you can count on treatment in maximum comfort with the use of the latest procedures and technologies. You can also make an appointment at our implantology department with a diagnosis from another workplace.


When are dental implants suitable

Dental implants can be considered by anyone who has lost one or more teeth of which it has not been possible to save enough to hold a denture. Dental implants are an artificial replacement for the tooth root. The introduction of dental implants can be affected by risk factors such as poor oral hygiene, heavy smoking, blood clotting disorders, poor gums or gingivitis, insufficient bone density, severe diabetes or other diseases. However, clients with any of these risk factors also have a chance to be safely treated with implants thanks to medical progress.

A client’s cooperation with the attending doctor is very important. The client should listen to the doctor’s instructions and follow them carefully. It is especially necessary to stick to a daily oral hygiene regimen. If you take good care of a dental implant, it should last you for the rest of your life.

How are implants inserted

At the initial examination, the implantologist will assess whether your teeth are suitable for implants. We then apply the dental implant during an outpatient procedure, during which the client is sedated by controlled sedation or general anesthesia. We insert the implant into the space of the missing tooth after thorough cleansing and preparation. At the DENT MEDICO clinic, we use OSSTEM and Straumann implants.

After inserting the implant, we insert a so-called healing roller into the tooth, i.e. a temporary insert that will allow complete healing of the treated tooth. Immediately after the procedure, we use antibiotics to prevent inflammation. Healing lasts about 12 weeks, after which time a fully functional prosthesis can be placed on the implant. During the healing period, you can wear a temporary dental prosthesis, which will make it easier for you to eat and allow for normal social contact.

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