Treatment of a teeth anomalies by using the braces

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Why choose orthodontic treatment with braces?

Straight teeth help us bite well, chew food and speak. An attractive smile can increase our self-confidence. Orthodontic treatment with braces can not only align the teeth, but also harmonizes the entire face, which contributes to better self-esteem. Orthodontic treatment can affect not only the appearance of the patient, but also its success in society, employment and overall attitude towards life.

Straight teeth are less prone to tooth decay, jaw inflammation and damage accident. On straight teeth get stuck the plaque less. Straight teeth are easier to clean. Decreases the risk of developing periodontitis and premature loss of teeth.


Untreated orthodontic defects can deteriorate over time. They can cause tooth decay, periodontitis, and difficulty in eating. Early orthodontic treatment may be less costly than subsequent treatment of problems arising from uncontrolled defect.  Don’t delay the decision to undergo orthodontic treatment with braces and remember the benefits that will bring the straight teeth to you or your children.

Orthodontic treatment is possible at any age and we can say that the number of adult patients is growing. The only limiting factor is the hygiene and the quality of an periodontal tissue – tooth supporting apparatus. Orthodontic treatment with braces is possible even for patients with periodontitis in cooperation with periodontologist. For these patients, therapy may be even beneficial and useful. Orthodontic treatment is often necessary for preparation before implantology and prosthetic treatment.

In our clinic, we offer a wide variety of treatment options using different types of braces, including interdisciplinary collaboration with specialists in other fields – like prosthodontist implantologist, periodontologist, if necessary.

The types of orthodontic appliances

  • Removable braces – colored, for kids
  • Fixed appliances – metal or ceramic
  • Invisible braces – lingual braces (from the back teeth) or transparencies Invisalign system

The course of orthodontic treatment

Consultation and initial examination by orthodontist

During the first visit of a patient we will investigate and outline other options for orthodontic treatment, the time demands and financial participation of the patient. For an exact treatment plan is needed to make an orthodontic documentation models of the dental, panoramic X-ray picture of teeth, profile X-ray of the head, photo documentation of the patient and in growing patients a wrist radiograph to determine the skeletal age. Based on this we prepare an individual treatment plan which we discuss with the patient or with their parents and on its basis, we can begin orthodontic treatment (using braces).

Treatment with a removable orthodontic apparatus – removable braces

Srovnání kovového a keramického zámku pro rovnátkaWe use the removable apparatus (or removable braces) primarily in period of mixed dentition for some specific defects. Removable apparatus does not allow the full range of orthodontic movement and a certain disadvantage of these apparatuses is that treatment outcome is entirely dependent on patient compliance. If the patient is not wearing the braces, the result will obviously fail. But the possibility of removing the braces is a great advantage for many patients.


The active phase of treatment with fixed appliance (braces)

Rovnátka 3M Unitek ClarityFixed apparatus (or fixed braces) are the most used appliance in orthodontic treatment. During the active phase, we provide a shift of the teeth and dental arches into the planned position. Most often, the use the metal braces. We can also offer ceramic brackets (ceramic braces) that are less noticeable. The average treatment duration with fixed appliance is 2 years, but it can be longer or shorter depending on the severity of the defect. A prerequisite for the treatment with a fixed brace is exemplary oral hygiene. If a patient during treatment cleans his teeth properly, then there is no threat to deteriorate under the clasps. It is necessary to pay attention to eating habits, avoiding certain foods (such as peanuts, toast …) to avoid dislodging a lodge of the tooth.

 Retention (maintenance) phase of the treatment

After removing the braces, the patient must yet wear a retention plate and so-called fixed retainers according to the treatment plan for some time. These devices prevent a return to the original position of the teeth and allow the teeth to adapt to the new position and thereby ensure a stable result of orthodontic treatment.


Invisible braces Invisalign

Braces that don’t restrict you from eating? Braces that are not visible? Braces, with which is comfortable to brush your teeth? Braces, with which you do not need to go often to your orthodontist? That’s exactly what we offer in the form of Invisalign – transparent plastic sheeting, which are called invisible braces. US patent Invisalign is currently the absolute leader in solutions of orthodontic anomalies.

Neviditelná rovnátka Invisalign Neviditelná rovnátka Invisalign Neviditelná rovnátka Invisalign

The invisible braces Invisalign solves a large number of orthodontic problems – irregular teeth, overbite, gaps between teeth, squeezed teeth, and more. The treatment is suitable for children and adults.

When you first visit a certified orthodontist (at our clinic it is MDDr. Diana Filipova) will decide whether treatment with Invisalign right for you. The next stage is made a documentation including photographs, radiographs and dental imprints. To produce the film takes special silicone print that we send to the US, where it is digitized and per the the doctor’s instructions is scheduled the movement of each individual teeth on client needs. Individual 3D animation of the treatment course is available online back at our clinic through a special 3D software, where the doctor checks it and adjusts if necessary. The braces are tailored completely to the client. So, the doctor will determine the treatment plan and may adjust its requirements for the braces individually by the client.

Subsequently, the carrier (braces) are made in the USA of transparent thermoplastic material according to our doctor’s treatment plan. These carriers may be 7 (in minor cosmetic defects), while more complicated orthodontic defects up to 40. Client progressively substitutes these carriers according to the order determined by the treating physician – usually after 10-14 days.

  • Aesthetics –  these are really invisible braces. Thanks to the transparent silicone, nobody but you will know that you are wearing braces. Given that changes often, there is no coffee, tea or cigarette discoloration.
  • Restrictions on eating – You don’t have to limit to limit the food anyhow, which is a huge advantage over traditional braces. The foil is taken off while eating
  • Comfortable feeling of the treatment – you can remove the braces yourself at any time – for example for social or sporting events
  • teeth cleaning is easier and much faster than with conventional braces
  • Time savings – you visit the orthodontists in our clinic only once every three months, so there is a big time savings
  • Safety and durability – there is no loosening of wire or falling of the lock as with traditional braces.

Neviditelná rovnátka Invisalign Neviditelná rovnátka Invisalign







Invisalign invisible braces price ranges from 29.000 – 98.900 CZK. Price is influenced by the extent of anomalies of the teeth and set by physician after consultation. Do you have a question about Invisalign invisible braces or simply want to book a consultation? Contact the reception of our clinic.