Pediatric dentistry

Caring for baby teeth is very important, not only because your child will learn from the beginning proper dental care.

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Pediatric Dentistry, Caring for baby teeth

Caring for milk teeth and regular visits to the dentist are underestimated often by many children's parents. But the truth is, the prevention of dental caries in children begins before birth by treatment and enlightenment of parents. For the first visit to the dentist's the child should come within a first year of age. It is necessary to refute the widespread assertion that tooth decay is inheritable - it is an infectious disease transmitted by parents (especially mothers) to their children by licking pacifiers, spoons and so on. Therefore, the expectant mother should undergo dental treatment before the baby is born. It is important to realize that a child takes the health habits from his parents', to underestimate the prevention and care of milk teeth can leave long-term consequences. Regular preventive visits have not only prevent the fear of the dentist, but also help the early diagnosis of caries, allowing noninvasive and painless treatments (fluoridation, ozone).

Pediatric dentistry

Dětská stomatologieClean teeth do not degrade, thus we are helping the child at least until 8-9 years to purify the teeth and supervise the proper cleaning techniques. Bad and untreated temporary teeth result in increased decay and problems on the permanent dentition. Another risk is that prematurely rotten first teeth can lead to the orthodontic disorders, the treatment of which is then a relatively lengthy and expensive. It is important to realize that the responsibility for a rotten baby teeth bear the parent (unsuitable diet soft drinks, tolerating inconsistent oral hygiene, etc.).

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For the baby teeth take care at our clinic mainly pediatric stomatologist MD.Kamila Rambová, but you can choose for your child also another doctor, it could be the one to whom goes the whole family. Choose together physicians on our website and come to visit us. In a pleasant family environment with a playground and fairy tales your children learn how to properly care for their teeth. We will study the teeth together by using the intraoral camera and screen and recommend the most effective way of prevention.

Companionship of parents (legal representatives) in the treatment of children and adolescents is required until the completion of their age.