controlled sedation

Dental treatment without the fear and stress, especially suitable for children, but with the success of it we use in adults.

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Controlled Sedation / deep sedation

This is a pharmacologically induced condition where the feelings of fear and perception of the pain are removed, and the treated patient sleeps during the entire performance. Moreover, he won't remember the course of dental treatment. This state can be induced by a high security preparation Dormicum® Roche (Midazolam) and Propofol. With the above method there are many years of clinical experience. The whole course of treatment is always present the anesthesiologist, at our clinic is MD. Vladivoj Tuzar. For more information, please feel free to inquire your physician. 

controlled sedation

The procedure of a controlled sedation

  • the duration of treatment is up to 2 hours
  • the patient is conscious, but totally gets rid of fear
  • partially cooperate with the doctor
  • must be fasting from food and drink for at least 3 hours in advance (!)
  • patient arrives 30 minutes before the surgery
  • resting after surgery in the office 30 minutes
  • with a companion who can ride the patient could go home
  • the second day, the patient is fully fit
  • can be applied for pediatric patients

 General anesthesia

If a visit to the dentist is for you very stressful and you will experience an exacting oral surgery treatments, we can offer at in dentistry DENT MEDICO a dental treatment under general anesthesia.

General anesthesia is the exclusion of all perception, especially pain that allow the patient to overcome adverse and unpleasant side of the surgery and ensures to dental surgeon the optimal operating conditions. General anesthesia is particularly suitable for oral surgery procedures (surgical tooth extraction, the insertion of dental implants, etc.) For patients in good health of all ages.

  • duration of treatment 1  to 3  hours
  • the patient is not conscious, is intubated
  • patient arrives 45 minutes before surgery
  • must be fasting from food and drink at least 6 hours in advance (!)
  • resting after surgery in the office 1 hour
  • the patient may go home with  an escort who can ride
  • the second day, the patient is fully fit
  • can be applied  for the pediatric patients from 6 years of age and 20 kg in weight
  • adults without difficulty,  for young and healthy patients