Dental surgery

It includes a number of surgical procedures on both the soft tissues and teeth

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dental surgery

Dental surgery focuses on the diagnostics and treatment of diseases in the oral cavity. It includes a number of surgical procedures on both the soft tissues of the oral cavity and teeth. At the DENT MEDICO clinic, we perform a whole range of procedures, from simple extractions to complicated reconstructions of the jaws and teeth. Our doctors are top professionals with many years of experience and use the latest dental surgery technology and equipment. You can also make an appointment at our dental surgery with a finding from another workplace.

Dental surgery

The most common procedures

Probably the most common dental surgery is tooth extraction. It is performed due to some pathological changes or even preventively. For preventive reasons, we usually extract mainly third molars, commonly called wisdom teeth. The main reason for the preventive removal of the third molars is the fact that there is usually not enough space for this tooth in the jaw and the “wisdom tooth” located next to the adjacent second molar increases the risk of tooth decay on both the teeth and the risk of developing gingivitis in this part of the jaw. If a dental examination indicates a potentially larger problem, we recommend having the third molars removed as a precaution, rather than risking the development of very painful inflammatory conditions. The assessment of the suitability of preventive removal of the third molar is, of course, individual for each client and takes into account a whole range of parameters, such as age, anamnesis, general condition of the teeth and so on. More on the extraction of the third molars.

The most common pathological causes of permanent tooth extraction include tooth decay extending deep into the root, tooth fracture extending deep under the gums to the root of the tooth, chronic inflammation of bone tissue around the affected tooth due to inflammation of the dental nerve, wrong direction of tooth growth and preparation for a prosthetic application (for example a crown or a bridge).

Other common dental surgeries include technically more complicated removal of the tooth from a deeper position in the jaw, resection of the root tip of the tooth, removal of frenula, adjustment of the jaw and gums, modification of the jaw and gums before applying a removable dental prosthesis or inserting a dental implant into the jaw after the loss of a permanent tooth.

At the DENT MEDICO clinic, we are also prepared and equipped for more complicated procedures, such as bone augmentation in clients who have a lack of bone for implant placement or maintaining the stability of the implant in the bone. We also perform complex reconstructions of severely damaged teeth or multiple tooth extractions in cancer patients before chemotherapy.


Safe analgestic sedation for your comfort

During larger dental surgeries, the client is sedated, so that they do not perceive pain or the course of the procedure. We most often use controlled sedation, when the client is conscious and partially cooperates with the doctor, but is completely free of fear. This is a pharmacologically induced condition in which feelings of fear and pain are not experienced, and the treated client dozes off for the duration of the procedure. This condition can be induced by perfectly safe and well-tested preparations. An anesthesiologist is always present throughout the treatment. It is necessary to prepare for a procedure in controlled sedation in advance according to the instructions given to you by your doctor, and it is advisable to arrange an escort for the way home after the procedure. For more complex procedures, we sometimes opt for a general anesthesia. It all depends on the nature of the procedure, the client’s health and their personal preference.

Advantages of a private clinic

Our clinic has been providing its clients with comprehensive dental care since 2003. Our team is made up of the finest professionals in the industry. We have workplaces in three different places in Prague, we perform dental surgery with analgesia at the workplace in Prague 8, Karlín. We have wide office hours from 7:00 to 21:00 every weekday. You can make an appointment immediately at the telephone number +420 225 990 990, via the contact form, or by e-mail at Our workplaces are easily accessible by public transport and by car, including our own guarded parking lot. You can look forward to a pleasant environment of a modern private clinic, where our priority is your maximum comfort throughout the visit.

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