Treatment without pain and fear is our standard

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Modern dentistry

Gone are the days when a visit to the dentist made almost every one of us tremble with fear. The technology and equipment of dental surgeries are developing dynamically and treatment without pain and fear is a common standard at our DENT MEDICO clinic. Whether you come to us for a preventive examination or to solve specific problems, always expect high-quality care. You entrust yourself to top professionals in the field in the environment of a modern clinic equipped with the latest technologies and its own dental laboratory.


Your comfort is our priority

The long-term health and comfort of our clients is our priority. We plan dental treatment so that we have enough time for each procedure and can perform it painlessly under local anesthesia. If required by the nature of the procedure or if you wish it as a client, we can perform the treatment under controlled sedation (so-called analgesic sedation) or under general anesthesia. All sedation methods are in the hands of experts with many years of experience, who use the most sensitive procedures with the least possible burden on the body.

We place great emphasis on dental hygiene and we provide above-standard and long-term guarantees to clients who take good care of their teeth. The basis is regular consultations with a dental hygienist and maintaining low values ​​of the so-called PBI index, by which we monitor the level of inflammation around the teeth. The exact information on warranty conditions can be found here.

Comprehensive dental care under one roof

At our clinic, we provide clients with comprehensive dental care, which includes the production of necessary prosthetics – facets, crowns, bridges, prostheses – and implants in our own dental laboratory, dental hygiene services, periodontics, orthodontics (braces) and dental surgery. We perform a wide range of dental surgeries, such as extraction and resection of teeth, removal of frenula or the introduction of dental implants. We also offer a wide range of aesthetic dentistry services, from teeth whitening to comprehensive smile reconstruction using so-called smile design technologies.

Top modern equipment

Our clinics are equipped with a fully digital central panoramic X-ray for orthopantomography, i.e. imaging of teeth, jaws and adjacent cavities. Each surgery also has its own intraoral digital X-ray with visiography and an oral camera, thanks to which you can view the result of the medical procedure on the monitor, which is part of the dental set. We use top kits from the German company KaVo, which also supplies all instrumental equipment for our doctors.

Other equipment that makes our clinic and laboratory a top workplace includes EyeMag Smart magnifying glasses, Zeiss dental microscopes, a digital dental impression scanner, a 3D printer, CEREC technology for making all-ceramic restorations or the VECTOR® device for non-contact treatment of the tooth root surface during periodontitis.

We are here for you

We have workplaces in three different places in Prague (Prague 2 Wilsonova, Prague 4 Chodov, Prague 8 Karlín), a wide office period from 7:00 to 21:00 every weekday. You can make an appointment immediately at the telephone number +420 225 990 990 via the contact form or by e-mail at Our workplaces are easily accessible by public transport or by car, and we have a guarded car park for you at all workplaces, which are free for the duration of your visit. Our professional staff will be happy to take care of your comfort throughout your visit.

You can call us, send an SMS, send an e-mail, or you can fill out the contact form. We will get back to you.

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