Treatment without pain and without fear is our standard. Experience. Expertise. Sensitive approach.

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Painless dentistry, treatment without fear

We plan targeted dental treatment to have enough time for each - so it can be automatically performed painlessly under local anesthesia.

On your request you can also be treated in a controlled sedation (ie. analgosedation) or general anesthesia. Basic information about this gentle method, which completely rides you of the fear of the dentist, can be found here and you can consult this procedure with your doctor. Painless dentistry is also supported by use of unique instruments with high technology KaVo HealOzone, which allows, along with laser decay locator, painless removal of tooth decay without drilling.


Quality of provided dental care provided, guarantee

We would like you to take care of your teeth together with us. Before dental treatment we require achieving and maintaining good oral hygiene index, which can be reached under the leadership of our dental hygienist. In this case, we offer superior and long-term guarantee.– Conditons guarantees HERE.

The clinic is equipped with a fully digital central panoramic X-ray/OPG. Each clinic is also equipped with its own separate digital intraoral X-ray with visiographia and intraoral camera. You are able to view in real time the result of a medical procedure on a monitor, which is a part of the dental unit.


Regular examination with intraoral and panoramic digital imaging, preventive care, tooth fillings, treatment of diseases of the dental marrow, root fillings and others.

Prosthetic dentistry

Implants, perfect prosthetic solutions – facets, crowns, bridgest, dentures – wide range of advanced materials, including computerized all-ceramic and metal-ceramic products. All dental products for dental prosthetics we implement in our own laboratory, which performs the test and selection of optimal color. More about Orthotics HERE and More about implantology HERE

Orthodontics (braces)

Comprehensive range of removable and fixed apparatus, invisible braces and other accessories – a multicolored design, children’s motifs and others according to individual wishes. More about orthodontics and braces found HERE.

Dental Surgery

We provide a wide range of dental surgical procedures. More about dental surgery HERE.


Care of the gums and attachment apparatus of tooth, preventive interventions, treatment of periodontitis, VECTOR. More about periodontics HERE.

Dental hygiene

Determination of index of teeth purity, removing plaque and tartar, training of home dental care, patient familiarization with tools for proper teeth cleaning, sales of dental hygiene tools. More about dental hygiene HERE.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening at surgery or home, removing pigment, ceramic veneers, application of dental jewelry. More about teeth whitening HERE.

They care about you:

As. MUDr. Lina Velková

As. MUDr. Lina Velková

chief physician
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