dental laboratory

We are engaged in fixed and removable prosthetics, production of the hybrid refunds on natural teeth or implants

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Only exceptional clinic will offer their own dental lab

We are engaged in fixed and removable prosthetics, hybrid production refund on natural teeth or implants, and combined work with plug-in connections, telescopic and conical jacket crowns.

Emphasis on continuous quality verification and consolidation of aesthetic prosthetic work contact with patients. In the laboratory, we can choose the color of teeth, and we of course also the possibility of testing and customization of compensation (color, shape, etc.) according to the patient's wishes. We have a dedicated consultation room for patients with secured privacy. The best certificate of our quality is the fact that we do not manufacture in our laboratory only to patients the clinic DENT MEDICO, but for many dentists and dental clinics not only in Prague, but also other parts of the country.

dental laboratory


Implants, jacket crowns, bridges, dentures, hybrid dentures, telescopic and conical jacket crowns, individually made retention brackets, plug-in connections, prototype solutions with a wide range of advanced materials, including computerized all-ceramic and metal-ceramic products.

Aesthetic prosthetics

Ceramic facets, onlays, inlays, jacket crowns. Choice of color, shape, size, type, can be made directly in the laboratory.


Using the latest in dental technology CEREC we will offer fabrication of ceramic inlays, facets, crowns and smaller bridges. The advantage of ceramic restorations CEREC is the high resistance of the material, no shrinkage, perfect aesthetics, excellent anatomical prosthetics processing and short time of its construction.

Protective equipment, drug carriers, aesthetic analysis

Production of sports protectors, protector against bruxism, drug carriers and bleaching gels. We can prepare aesthetic study of the patient’s future condition, including replica planned solution that is transferable to the patient’s mouth.