Gone with classic printing and makeshift substitutes!

your smile will say it all

New beautiful teeth with CEREC, the latest technology of ceramic restorations.

Using the latest dental technology CEREC we will offer you a fabrication of ceramic inlays, veneers, crowns and smaller bridges. Gone with classic printing and makeshift substitutes! The main advantage of this method is a complete treatment in a single visit to the doctor’s office! Moreover, the high precision of prosthetics guarantees a very long life without complications. The advantage of ceramic restorations CEREC is the high resistance of the material, no shrinkage, perfect aesthetics, excellent anatomical prosthetics processing and short time of its construction. CEREC, ceramic fillers are also ideal for treatment of larger defects, which are often treated with large fillings Amalga.


  • protects and preserves your own tooth structureCEREC v DENT MEDICO
  • ceramic material in biocompatible
  • you only need one visit to the doctor
  • top quality material
  • maximum precision of ceramic prosthetics
  • perfect aesthetics
  • durability and resistance of prosthetics