Dental hygiene

Why to clean your teeth? What tools to use? How often to attend dental hygiene?

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Dental hygiene is an integral part of proper dental care. At the DENT MEDICO clinic, a team of dental hygienists with many years of experience in the field is looking forward to seeing you. They have the latest equipment and technology at their disposal and their priority is to help you maintain healthy teeth over the years. The ideal frequency of visits to your dental hygienist is twice a year, more frequently for clients with periodontitis. You can make an appointment with a dental hygienist even if you are not yet a client of our dental clinic.

Dental hygiene

Why is seeing a dental hygienist important

Learning to take good care of your teeth and keeping them in good shape means less tooth decay, more resistant enamel, healthier gums, the possibility of using more aesthetic filling materials, a significantly longer durability of prosthetic work or the possibility of whitening. The market is full of various dental aids, such as single-bundle brushes, interdental brushes and mouthwashes. However, without expert advice, it is often difficult for a layman to know what is suitable for them. Moreover, the instruction of a dental hygienist will ensure that you learn to use the aid correctly and to your greatest benefit. It is also important not to forget the economic side of things because timely and proper dental hygiene will prevent later expenses for fillings or prosthetics.

What to expect during a visit to a dental hygienist

On your first visit, your dental hygienist focuses on your personal and family history of hygiene. Your hygienist will find an important source of information in X-rays, which determine the condition of the alveolar bones, i.e. the section of the jaw in which the teeth are anchored. The loss of this bone signals the presence of periodontitis. Part of every visit to a dental hygienist is an intraoral and extraoral examination. From the outside, we monitor, for example, asymmetry, swelling, lip red, nodal outlets. From the inside, we assess the condition of hard and soft tissues. According to the condition of your teeth, your hygienist will establish your hygienic index, which serves for the planning of subsequent treatment as well as motivation and control. Hygienists evaluate the so-called PBI Index, which shows the degree of inflammation around the tooth. Clients who take good care of their teeth and maintain their low PBI scores are given above-standard guarantees at the clinic.

For a consultation with a dental hygienist, you are advised to bring your own hygienic aids – a toothbrush, interdental brushes, etc. The hygienist will check the aids and, if necessary, immediately show you how to work with them correctly or recommend something else.

Your hygienist will remove tartar, plaque and pigmentation during a regular examination. The treatment with air flow technologies is standard at our clinic. Water with powder is sprayed from the device under pressure, which will remove pigment spots, plaque and tartar and also remove deposits from tooth grooves and interdental spaces. The airflow technology is gentle on the enamel and after the treatment, the teeth are naturally shiny and smooth. To improve the health of your teeth, the hygienist usually applies a fluoridating gel after the treatment. For teeth that are affected by tartar in the area under the gums we use deep scaling techniques: the surface of the roots below the level of the gums is cleaned with metal tools. We perform deep cleaning under local anesthesia for the client’s comfort and to ensure thorough removal of all tartar from underneath the gums. For clients with periodontitis, we also offer a non-contact treatment of the tooth root surface with the VECTOR® device.

Advantages of a private clinic

Our private clinic provides comprehensive dental care and dental hygiene care under one roof. All our doctors and hygienists are top professionals in their field, who, even after many years of daily practice, are constantly educating themselves to provide you with high-quality care in accordance with the latest trends in dentistry, dental surgery, orthodontics, periodontology and other related fields. All our surgeries are modernly furnished and equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

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