dental hygiene

Why to clean your teeth? What tools to use? How often to attend dental hygiene?

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Oral hygiene is not only cleaning the teeth

Cleaning teeth is not as easy as it seems. The occasional implementation of dental hygiene is important. Even oral cavity has its nooks where is it hard to get with a normal toothbrush. It has its sensitivity, which needs the right hardness of the brush and the appropriate composition of pastes and mouthwashes. It has its special tools required for effective cleaning and treatment of various oral diseases such as periodontitis or detecting of tooth necks.

Nowadays, the concept of single toothbrush, interdental toothbrush or mouthwash is not anything new. Yet in the offices we meet with clients who do not know how and on what to use them. They are unaware that hard brush in the hands of the inconsiderate patient may cause damage to the soft and hard tissues and that some of the paste can significantly affect oral health.

dental hygiene

 What we can expect in an office waiting of the dental hygienist?

Dental hygienists at regular visits, remove your tartar, plaque and pigmentation. Demonstrate how to clean the teeth properly and regularly recommend an appropriate dental instruments and devices.

  • On initial examination is consulted the family and personal anamnesis.
  • Hygienist makes extra oral examinations, where she check the for example the asymmetry, swelling, red lip, output of nodes and intraoral examination, where she assesses the state of the hard and soft tissues. Such an examination may reveal a tumor or other disease.
  • Dental hygienist evaluates the radiographs where she is primarily interested in the status of alveolar bone (the part of the jaw in which the teeth are anchored), while the loss of this bone represents the presence of periodontal disease.
  • According to the condition of your teeth she determines the hygienic index, which is used for subsequent treatment planning and to motivate and control.

Some of dental hygienists also performs teeth whitening. At least in Dent Medico can our department of hygienists offer all these procedures.

Hygienist returns by a quality and safe method of in-office whitening ZOOM a naturally white color to your teeth and by using a special device Vector, can thoroughly and gently treat the root surface. In case of periodontal problems she consults further progress with our periodontologist.

Dental hygiene is recommended to attend regularly twice a year to detect a negative changes, which you can’t identify yourself.

Learning how to properly care for your teeth and keep it in order means for you to use aesthetic filling materials, a considerably longer durability of prosthetic work or a option of whitening. It is also good not to forget the economic side of things, because the timely and proper dental hygiene can prevent subsequent expenditure for filling or prosthetist.

Keep in mind that “The smile tells it for you!”


Take care of your dental hygiene

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