Guide for pricing

Do not pay for entrance and preventive examinations. We have contracts with health insurance companies.

úsměv to řekne za Vás

A few details relating to the payment of individual treatments in our facility. First and foremost, we must highlight the fact that we have contracts with all health insurance. What does it actually mean for you? The fact that you don’t have to pay a number of surgeries from their own wallet, but it is applied from your health insurance. It mainly concerns the initial examination, including registration, regular preventive examinations, which are covered by health insurance twice a year, as well as the entire X-ray examination, including a panoramic X-ray, which will be made directly at our clinic. We are also taking into account the contribution to the prosthetics – crowns, bridges, dentures. Finally, it is a local anesthetic prior to the surgery.

Prices for individual interventions – ie direct payments, which will be charged, are based on a complex calculation that takes into account a number of factors. For example, using the most advanced equipment, high-end appliances, new materials, that are on the dental market. On each patient, doctors have reserved a sufficient amount of time for treatment, every intervention is treated with the utmost responsibility and care, which corresponds to the time the patient spends in the office. We try to adapt to the individual needs of each of you so the opening ours follows that, our clinic is opened for you from 7 am to 9 pm, including Saturdays. From you – our customers – we require only that you arrive timely for a treatment. Late arrivals lead to complications in the operation of the clinic and it may happen that the doctor refuses to receive the late client.

We must also take into account the fact that in 2010 we have built a dental laboratory, which is in direct contact with surgeries, in 2015, we significantly modernized the entire clinic and in 2016 we built a new clinic in Prague 4 Chodov. Both clinics have a reserved parking places for clients and they are easily accessible by public transport.

Our biggest goal is satisfaction of you and your children, for which we always have enough patience, rewards or even a fairy tale that will be screening during the treatment.

Care, which leads to long-term preservation and quality dentures, covers health insurance only partially. Payment is thus due the use of superior materials and processes mainly on the patient side. Detailed information on prices will be given by your doctor before starting treatment. In case of your interest we will discuss with you the overall price and schedule of the treatments.

Investment in your health is the best and with us you can be sure of one hundred percent quality.