Interdental brushes, dental floss

your smile will say it all

Interdental brushes and dental floss are used to clean between the teeth and their regular use is as important as cleaning with the classic brush. They help to remove plaque from between the teeth and thereby prevent occurrence of interdental caries, gingivitis and periodontitis later. Interdental spaces should be cleaned regularly, at least once a day.

The size of interdental brush it is very important. To choose the right size of the brush according to the size of the interdental space is very important, the cleaning is effective only if the width of the brush is correct. Too small brush is less effective because it does not remove all the plaque present in the area, oversized brush again can injure the gums. The dental hygienist or dentist will help you with the selection of a suitable interdental brush. Very important is the use of interdental brush even when there are dental crowns, implants, bridges, or braces the mouth.

The brush for daily use will last about one week. You need to replace it with a new one when the bristles of the brush burrs or wire bends. We put the brush to interdental space from the outside under oblique angle, then compare it to a horizontal position and pull it once inside and out. Thus, we clean all interdental spaces in the entire dentition.

Dental floss is useful on places which the interdental brush cannot reach. That’s usually the case with front teeth, which are crossed or cramped. For molars the thread is not suitable, because the shape of these teeth won’t allow the thread to clean the interdental spaces properly. The thread must be handled very carefully so that if used improperly avoid injury to the gums. The thread should be places into the interdental space by serrated movements, never by pressure.

There are many dental floss, waxed, unwaxed, fluoride, or expansive (swelling) depends on each what suits him. A special and important threads is called Superfloss. It consists of three parts – the insertion rigid end, a thicker felted part and classic dental floss. Super Floss is used under dental bridges, but also around implants, crowns or for braces.

Many patients are afraid when while using an interdental brush or thread their gums bleed. In almost all cases, the bleeding is not a sign that we had cut yourself, but it is only a symptom of gingivitis. This is very important to realize right from the start and keep cleaning. The condition usually improves within 14 days for periodic cleaning.